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    95 SLX Problems!!

    Hello I just joined here and i have a few questions about my 95 SLX.(i think its a 780?!?! its says CRAVENS performance triple on the side?)

    This weekend my uncle gave me this polaris becasue he was sick of it going out on him all the time. He said he was going across his lake at almost full throttle and it just bogged down and died... he started it back up and not when you hiit the throttle it just barly goes and starts coughing .. like for an insta second it sounds like its gunna go again, then just died off .. its like an UH- UHH-UHH-uhhh-uh -uh-uh uhhh kinda deal. it starts and idles like a champ, but thats about it... the carbs were rebuilt last summer new fuel pump too. i dont know to much about these but i am very mechanical and will get into what i need. just my thought is it has to be a carb or ignition problem, becasue all the lines are clear and gas is getting to all 3 carbs great.

    any ideas?!?


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    Start with checking the internal fuel filters inside the carbs. Or check the water seperator is not full, if the red ring is floating, empty the bowl.

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    Solet's see WOT and it shuts down.
    We know it has spark because it runs and idles nicely.
    It has enough fuel to allow idle.
    I like the plugged carb filters idea.
    I'd also check the compression and make sure he didn't run it lean and take something out.
    Water in the fuel, I like it. If the ring is floating, empty and clean the tank, carbs and fuel filter, get that water out of the system. Water doesn't compress and it will hydro-lock an engine.
    Check the reeds if you're getting a popping or backfire through the carbs.
    Cut the spark plug wires 1/8-1/4 inch and screw the plug ends back into the fresh wire.

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    awsome, im glad i found this place!! i will try all of that tomorrow and see how it goes!!

    like i said, i ahve no clue about these, where exactly are teh filters in the carbs and how do i get to them?

    thanks so far!

    just while im in there, what is a good base to set the carb needels at. if i bottomed them out, whats a good amount of turns to get it in the ball park, so i know its not to lean...

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    The lows get set at 1/2 turn
    The highs are
    Mag=7/8 turn
    Cen=3/4 turn
    PTO=11/8 turn
    The filters are inside the carbs. Check the tech section under Fuji Fuel for carb locations and OH directions.

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    Here is a link to a manual on this site

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    soooo, today i rebuilt the carbs on the 780..and now its a different problem...kinda. now it goes a bit faster but at like 4400-4500RPM it just stays there.... it won t go any faster then that. the display shoes the RPM then for a few seconds it will say LoPr..?? what does that mean, could that be the problem, One other think i have noticed is the Oil tank guage it use to be always all the way up( i keep the oil full) now the tank is full!, but the gauge says its on Empty... im stumped on this one, i hope all the electronics didnt get fried or something....
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    ALSO!! when i first start it up after a little while of sitting, sayy 15 minutes, a little red light on the top of the display flashes a few times....

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolchrisp View Post
    ALSO!! when i first start it up after a little while of sitting, sayy 15 minutes, a little red light on the top of the display flashes a few times....
    thats long as it goes off..

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    check your compression,..i just had the same exact problem last weekend.
    i thought it was oil, so i went back to shore put more oil in and tried it out again and twenty feet from shore i had a big bang. pulled it out of the water pulled the top off the motor and i am missing a spot in the top of one of my pistons . be carefull, i would hate for the same thing to happen to you.

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