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    Talking Need help with RR ECU

    i just got another RR ECU for sale but all i know it is for 04-05. i need some help indentifying it .

    this is the info on it:

    name: 1503 bv-ic ( no help on this one)
    dataset: bc3e49r1
    project : racing only
    date: 21.03.2005
    remark: racing only

    anyone's help is welcome

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    when you find out let me know I want to buy it.

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    it's not the latest curves of a 4501 ECU, that's about all i know

    the new curves for the 4501 ecu with 8600 rev limit do not have knock control, and the label states it.

    just not sure if it's a rr stock class ECU or if it's an early edition 4501 racing ecu

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    anybody else?

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