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    Where and How to sell my 250x?

    Where do you guys recommend putting the ski up for sale?

    I'm just done with it, I dont have time to play anymore.

    I put it in the classifieds here, with no hits. Ebay doesn't seem too promising.

    Blue, 24 hours, no issues what so ever.

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    if it was red i would have taken it for a good price!!!

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    I'm kind of a big deal SeanCucf's Avatar
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    local paper
    boat trader
    the flyer
    a sign in your front yard
    your local ramp
    busy intersection


    edit: hire one of those sign twirling guys they had on the news

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    I don't blame you at all for wanting to sale. If I could sale my two (red) I would. Even if i had to sale without someone paying the sales tax it would still be a good price. But, looks like we're stuck with them.

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    I for one have no plans at all to sell in the near future. I love my ski and have no complaints besides the my dealership. Arcolog is selling cause he has no time, not cause he doesn't like it. Also, the riding season is half over. Why would somebody want to buy a ski now, unless it is a killer deal. Good luck Arco! Your ski will miss you lol!

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    Arcolog can speak for himelf.

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    I brought mine back to the dealer near me, traded it up for a gp, they gave me 10 for it with 20 hours, not a bad deal I dont think...

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    No, that's not bad at all. Why'd you trade it in? And how do you like your GP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dicedrop25 View Post
    I brought mine back to the dealer near me, traded it up for a gp, they gave me 10 for it with 20 hours, not a bad deal I dont think...

    That depends on what price they charged you for the Yammi. If they took the 10k off of MSRP, you didn't do very well because you could have gotten a GP for a low price w/o any trade.


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    Arco, how about a consignment sale thru a dealer? You may have to pay a 10 to 15% commission but it sure saves a bunch of hassle, before and after the sale. I just sold my SD GTX in about 5 days that way. I know people who have sold stuff thru the paper and lived to regret it. I thought the commission was money well spent. BTW, if you are ever in WA, Ore, or Idaho, you can use my Ultra for a weekend anytime. Sure will miss ya!

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