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    high speed adjustment ??

    I read somewhere in this forum that to adjust the high speed screw, you must first remove the factory cap thats over it, make the adjustment then replace the factory cap with the tab centered facing downwards. Is this how the factory does it? If thats the case, if I'm adjusting the carbs for the first time ever, leaving all the tabs facing downwards, I should be in the ballpark, right?? Where I'm confused is the the tuning procedures require adjusting the high speed screws: mag-1 full turn; c-1/2; pto-3/4. What should I do? So far, jetski running fine (fingers crossed) but I want to be sure.

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    the 1, 1/2, and 3/4 are the number of turns to go out from seated against the carb base. in other words those numbers are going to mean nothing to you unless you screw the mixing screws all the way in and then back them out those number of turns. as for the caps on the screw heads you can take them off and leave them off if you wish, they are just used as a fine tuning tool and i am sure, to keep someone who doesn't know what they are doing from royaly screwing things up. if your ski is running fine i would not mess with the mixing screws, instead, take a look at your plugs and piston wash there is plenty of info here on what the piston heads should look like.

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