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    SL750 Steering and MFD

    Hey Guys, I am new to ski ownership and need some help, I have noticed hoe helpful all of you are. I have a 94 SL750 with trim and a MFD. The trim isnt working and was trimmed way down. I have owned several boats and I know that trim effects handling. Since the motor is shot I took it out and manualy moved the trim to the stock position. It increased my top speed and stability, but the handling is still a fight. Any suggestions? Also, my MFD doesnt respond half the time when mode or set are depressed and it seems that many lcd's are faded, any ideas how to fix this, or anyone who can fix it? Thanks a bunch.

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    I'd say perform a search, both topics are covered heavily in the last month.

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    Try sending Wetherby a PM for fixing the MFD. Also look for an Ocean Pro ride plate for better handling. It's a good place to start. Then you can add sponsons if you need more.

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