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    JS 650SX 1989 restoration

    Well here it is I have started a full restoration of a JS650sx this boat was mine from 1994-1996 sold it and went back into my hands about a month ago. I have pics which I will post on later and full resto process.
    Just a quick idea Im undertaking full hull repair, reinforcing and painting. Full engine rebuild, coffman exhaust powder coating, exhaust manifold and intake ceramic coating (black). Alum handpole power gloss black. full water lines replacement, full hull imron paint (kawi green). Bumper removal and pads replacements.....full engine replacement and porting here and there. This boat used to put close to 53 mph with a light rider (stalker tested) back in 95. Now im looking for a fun reliable boat. Today I dropped the parts to be powdered will see how they come out.....hull is fully stripped and during the next 3 days I hope to complete all the glass/resin work.

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    sweet! i just got mine on the water this year after having it for 2. I bought it as a basket case. First standup, so I'm still figuring out how tio ride, but it is fun as hell.

    Ever go to senor frogs in san juan? I got so hammered there on a cruise a few years ago. awesome place!

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    well I work bout 2 mins away on foot from senor frogs, been there few time, better place around here, 365 days a year place to ride.....back in 95-96 my ski spent almost 300 years in the water riding it from 3pm to 6pm......i wont be so hard core this time around but im planning on having lots of fun.....also ill try to place a tutorial on cdi cable exhaust is already been worked (powder coated) guy who worked on it wont tell me color he painted it so I have to wait till monday to see the work......along with it the intake manifold and other parts ill show u the work he did........I consider the pricing exxxxxxxxxxtremely reasonable .....

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