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Thread: oil for SL1050

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    oil for SL1050

    Was wondering if it would be O.K. to use quicksilver premium plus oil in my 97 SL1050? The sticker on the boat says you can use TCW3. The local store sells quicksilver and it is about half the price of the Polaris oil. Has anyone ever used this brand and will it perform as good as the Polaris oil?

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    As long as it meets TCWIII rating it should do the job.
    Question is, what's your engine worth?
    The difference in price is pretty minimal when you break it down to per gallon use.
    On the flip side, I really haven't seen many oil related engine failures other than a pump failing or the wrong oil type used.
    I'll opt for better than needed protection vs. "this meets the requirements", but that's just me.
    I guess I didn't help much, did I??

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    I never heard of quick silver oil,can't comment on quality.I use Penzoil synthetic blend 2 stroke oil.Costs $12/gal at Menards

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    at least use the quicksilver FULL synthetic !! or the pennzoil FULL synthetic.....

    I use AMSOIL intercepter..its pretty cheap and great oil

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