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    1992 SL650 Chasing the fouled spark plug

    Inspecting spark plugs after run testing. First the front cyclinder plug was wet and fouled the others were fine. The next time the center plug was fouled and the other were fine. Then I had the rear cyclinder fouled and the others were fine. I check compression and 125# on all three cyclinders. I check the crank and that was within .080 between center and PTO cyclinders at mag TDC. I adjusted low and high speed jets with no success. Does anyone have any idea's? I'm thinking the timing my be off. I really don't know how to see the mark in that hole that is in a terrible place to get a timing light in and to see in. Does anyone know how to see the timing light mark better? Machine has low power and low at top end speed. I'm open for suggestion. Please feel free to give me any idea's that you think my help. Thanks.

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    First you need to check the crank index with the MID piston at TDC. And measure the PTO and MAG, they should be identical. I would think .080 is too far off to be good. Double check your measurements. It's awful odd that your "wet" plug is changing cyls. Are you sure the sparkplug wires are connected to proper cyls? Are the sparkpug gaps too big? Have you unscrewed the sparkplug caps, cut about 1/4" off the wire and reattached the cap? Have you verified that you have spark in all the cyls? More than likely your timing didn't change unless your woodruff key sheared. Most likely the carbs need cleaned and adjusted properly. Are your settings at factory specs to start?

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