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Thread: 780 timming

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    780 timming

    Looking at timmmig specs for a 96 780 There are two differant settings.
    EC780PWE02 is set at 28 degrees (SLX)
    EC780PWE03 is set at 24 degrees
    Are the stators the same? (aliment marks)
    Or is the flywheels differant ( position of ign trigger on the flywheel)
    Does anyone know (maybe by part numbers) or pics from the each part for the 02 and 03 engine.

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    Same stator andflywheel, they just advanced the timing (CDI program) to better compliment the performance goodies on the SLX.
    3240269 flywheel
    3240270 stator
    1997 PWCSL 780MAGNETO SL 780 B974088 and Intl. SL 780 I974088 1997 PWCINTL SL 780MAGNETO SL 780 B974088 and Intl. SL 780 I974088
    1997 PWCSLT 780MAGNETO SLT 780 B974588
    1996 PWCSL 780MAGNETO ASSEMBLY SL 780 B964087 and Intl. SL 780 I964087
    1996 PWCSLT 780MAGNETO SLT 780 B964588 and Intl. SLT 780 I964588
    1996 PWCINTL SLT 780MAGNETO SLT 780 B964588 and Intl. SLT 780 I964588
    1996 PWCSLX 780MAGNETO SLX 780 B964287
    1996 PWCINTL SLX 780MAGNETO SLX 780 B964287
    1995 PWCSLX 780MAGNETO ASSEMBLY SLX 780 B954287

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    Ok, If I would put the stator in with the marks lined up. With stock ign in the timming is 24 and by changing to the slx cdi ,the timming would be 28 degrees. I thought that I would have to advance the stator

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    The timing curve is controlled buy the CDI.. Fuji's fire all three coils every 120* from the stator trigger and the CDI has the curve.

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