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    2003 GTX SC lost power

    My 2003 GTX SC was running at 60 mph in the morning. By afternoon it dropped to 50 mph. I checked the plugs, checked the injectors, checked impeller, even disconnected the baterry to reset compute. No luck. What else could sap power like that?

    Almost as if it is no longer supercharged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBINBRANSON View Post

    Almost as if it is no longer supercharged.
    Maybe it's no longer supercharged...

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    could be clutch washer cancer.

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    That ski doesnt have washers. I had a ski last week in my shop only turning 6500 RPM'S at 52 mph. The sc was slipping really bad. I removed it and shimmed it like a regular SC and the ski came to life 7500 RPM'S at 62 mph. I know the right way to fix it would be to install a updated sc kit but for 15 cent shims it worked for now. Do a clutch slip test and it should be around 10-12 N/M. The direction are in tip of the day. FIrst thing to do is remove the intake tube from the sc and make sure the sc didnt break the gear. JOJO

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    Originally Posted by SBINBRANSON

    Almost as if it is no longer supercharged.

    Maybe it's no longer supercharged...

    FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my gut hurts now.

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    I was thinking heres a troll post if I ever saw one with his last comment being about the supercharger.

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    Thanks for the information. I'll take that info along with me to the shop I bring the skis to.

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