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    Sensor warning appears upon start up.

    I have 2 04 RXPs. When I start on of them a sensor message flashes on the screen than goes away. Also the trim indiactor is gone as well. Are these to related? Any thoughts?

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    I had the same issue happen last week...your ski's computer thinks it has a depth gauge, it needs to be reset by dealer who has BUDS, mine is getting done tomorrow...mine occured with a low battery, don't know if it is related or not? My trim indicator and the trim itself is not working...others have experienced the same thing...plug your lanyard in and wait for the cluster to activate and then press the 'set' button five times...I bet 'p 1517' appears on the panel...your RXP is having an 'identiy crisis' it thinks it is an RXT with a depth gauge!

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    I had the same issue, turns out the wires for the sensor just came unpluged. Look in your ski on the side there the intake is, or find the wire that goes to the paddel wheels speedo on the back, and follow it till the connector. See if its unplugged.

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    same problem on my rxt when the battery cables came loose. but check your speedo wheel, mine busted off so i am getting sensor warning. need to get it reset by dealer

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    isn't there any way to reset the code P0546 with the dealer?? the clip just came unpluged and it threw the code

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