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    Cool Place to buy aftermarket parts for a 750SX

    I just bought a nice 750SX Stand-up, about a 1990 i think, and was wondering where I can find a nice selection of aftermarket parts. I am mainly looking for a ride plate for it right now because the current has a broken intake grate and it hops whenever you get up to about 30. But I am really in the market for anything that will spruce it up. Currently it has a West Coast Head, new NGK plugs, a Coffman Pipe, and a new hydroturf mat, side rail, and chin cushion. Thanks in advance!

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    everyone's very active in this thread huh . Anyways I only know of 1 aftermarket product you can get and that would be the factory pipe from this site which gives you one of the biggest boosts in power is what I heard.

    hope this helped some :P

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    i have many parts here on hand...

    assorted handle bars, grips, aluminum throttles, flame arrestors, carb top adapters, primer kits, etc. you can see some of the things we have here, at my photo link below in my signature.

    i am also a hot products dealer, and can order anything from their catalog for you, if you want. you can check them out at

    send me an email ( for faster resoponse) if interested in anything, or if i can help.

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    2 will be your best bet for a discontinued stand up.

    they carry factory pipe also

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