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    Little jetting help w/ XP-800 and Rossier + some

    I had my ski out a while back and sucked in an intake screw (Ouch).

    I just finished rebuilding it. When I popped the head during teardown I noticed my MAG running rich (Lots of wash, almost the entire piston), and my PTO a little lean (only a tad bit of wash, less than I'd prefer to see). It should be noted the plugs were a chocolate brown, not cardboard. Again, a bit more than I think I need.

    When I tore the carbs apart I noticed it was staggered. MAG had a 140, and the PTO a 145. I know, that's strange because the bigger jet was on the leaner side. I think maybe I had a failing seal (one of the reasons for the teardown), and previous owner compensated with a larger jet. Who knows.

    So I need one of the SeaDoo pros here who remembers back in the day. I'm used to being able to check wash on stuff via the plug hole but that's not an option on this. I guess I can just pop the head off after I get a general idea from the plugs?

    On sleds we like to see about the size of a pinky-nail for wash. I know it's a colder climate, but do the same rules apply for PWC's? Do these 787's need to run staggered jetting becuase of coolin differences?

    My setup is:

    Fresh rebuild (obviously)
    Rossier pipe
    Stock waterbox
    Stock 40mm carbs (I know they only measure 3
    Mild porting
    Stock Rotary Valve
    Stock head, 4 hole base giving me approx. 165 PSI with .045 squish.
    Ocean Pro F/A's
    Stock prop and exit/steering nozzles, but blueprinted pump.
    Stock intake mani
    R&D Top-loader

    It should be noted that with staggered 140/145 were before I changed the squish via the base gasket, and it had the stock air box on it.

    Shouldn't I be in the 150-155 range with this setup?

    Anyone have any suggestions with my setup for the future? I'm thinking that an aftermarket intake (or I cut it myself), and either boring the carbs or getting some 44-46's. But that's after I get it running perfect with what it has.

    Thanks ahead of time.


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    No way - Danny, no one? Or am I ok with what I have and check plugs/wash?

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