HI, i've got 2001xpl with coffmans on.
She has solas pump , 12.5-20.5 skattrak prop, solas grate, remmpaed mpem, reworked stock carbs, (all works done by UK JETSHED) and other staff on.
problem is:
It doesnt rev as it supposed to. I have checked ware injection solenoid. it works. Which rpm to choose for water on and off??
What jets should i fit in my carbs ( they have accelerator removed).
by original rev gauge it reaches 7300.
maybe i ve got coffman connected wrong? does anyone has a scheme?
so, if somebody wants to help me pleasee reply.
the head is JETSHED REWORKED, and with 2 gaskets squish was 1.6. i have removed one gasket now. still same weak acceleration. running on 98 octane.thanks guys