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    What else can scrub speed/RPM's?

    Alright I have an '04 RXP mods include:
    Metal washers installed 1 month ago
    Riva Intake
    Riva BOV
    PPG Powerpipe
    Works Intake Grate
    Solas 14/19 Prop
    Riva Pro Blockoffs

    I ran it two weekends ago and could only run 68.2 GPSed spining roughly 8000 rpms, pulled it from the water to find a chewed up beer cozy wraped around one of the stator veins. So I figured that may have been in there for a while and caused it to scrub the speed.

    This past weekend I go out and run again. Still only getting 68.2 spinning 7900 rpms. Checked the pump again just to be sure all free and clear and the prop doesnt' look like it has been dinged at all. So my question is what can be scrubbing that much speed or RPM's from me???

    I did check the oil and it was at the upper bend on the dipstick, so I will look into lowering the oil level slightly. Does anyone know roughly how much needs to be pulled to get from upper bend to mid range on the dipstick? Would high oil levels actually cause that much of a drop in RPMs?

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    if your at the top bend...start by taking a half a quart out and that should be damn close to where you want to be

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    YES, oil will kill rpms...I changed my oil this weekend and after a run I noticed I was down 50-100 from my normal rpm. Checked oil, it was just below the upper bend...DANG IT!

    oil should be half stick, thats good for atleast 100-200 rpm compared to top of bend...

    that prop could be sliightly out of pitch, one blade screwed up can kill RPM...

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    I am looking to pick up the oil suction today to pull some oil out of the ski for next weekend and see if I can pick up any RPM's Really hope the prop isn't out of pitch already. I'll keep ya posted.

    Anyone know what is the maximum diamter the tube can be to suck the oil out of the motor? just so I don't buy something that doesn't work.

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    any normal marine suction style oil system works fine...

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    on an 04....heck could be a couple wear related things....

    wear ring (good chance if that cozy had a can in it at one point)
    spring washers on the SC'er loosing tension

    also could be

    -oil level
    -leaky BOV
    -intake grate (riva best for speed, worx/r&d for hookup)
    -might even want to think about doing a custom 4inch intake, that'll wake 'em up a bit

    or could be as simple as summer heat/humidity setting in.

    otherwise those numbers aren't TERRIBLE

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    The supercharger has been recently rebuild with metal washer. recently as in maybe a month on them now. Original ceramics were in till about 50 hours, never broke just replaced with metals for obvious reasons. So the supercharger was updated to '06 shaft/spec with metal washers and ceramic bearings.

    Wear ring was replaced last weekend when Solas prop was installed. After the bear cozy incident I looked up in the pump and it doens't seem to have scored the wear ring significantly at all.

    Again BOV is brand new but I guess has possibility of leaking so I've heard. Any way to tell if the BOV is leaking while under boost without having a boost guage???

    I will lower the oil level this weekend and see if I gain any revs.

    I am just disappointed with the speeds, because according to RIVA"s site I am running "stock" speeds with their stage one kit that is suppose to get me into the 70-71 range.

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