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    Black plastic assembly

    Has anyone removed this peice? It's the black plastic assembly that sits just under the handle bars when you open the hood. It leads into the opening that goes into the engine compartment just under the glove box. It looks like 2 peices, the one end funneling down one side, there is a wiring harness attachment on that peice. Jerry knows what I'm talking about. Since this peice has a funneling shape towards the end wouldn't removing the whole thing leave room for more air to go into the engine compartment? Would removing this peice be good or bad or no effect?

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    I removed mine.

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    i know a lot of guys on the forum have removed it including my self. its there incase u flip ur ski but since i dont plan on doing that i just removed it. there is more room for the air intake that way too.

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    No one planns to flip the ski. This is my theory when I ride every weekend. If I don't go in the water at least once all day, then I know Im not riding hard enough!!! Last weekend for the first time I flipped my ski. No problem.

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    I've flipped my ski more times then I can count and I've got that front piece and the rear one removed. As long as you run the ski to get the water out you will be fine. Just don't leave it flipped for more then a couple minutes.

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