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    Warm weather impeller

    This weekend in a attempt to increase rpm's due to the warmer weather and higher humidity and so on VOODOO told me to get with TCR that he had traded a 14/22 to him for a 14/20 and he thought Travis would let me try it out. So I contacted him he agreed to let me try it and I thank him for that, and little testing followed with these results. I normally run a IMPROS 14/23 done up to ferchos spec and in what I would call normal weather 75 to 85 and humidity in the lower levels lets say up to 50% I will run 7080 to 7090 rpm's and consistant high 75's. In a attempt to get higher rpm's for a trip to the warmer and much more humid southern states of Alabama and Tennesse I tried out a Island Racing 14/22 with no set back in hopes of getting into the 7180 to 7200 rpm range. Whe we got to the boat ramp about 9:30 am the temp was at 74 deg. and the humidity was at 73%. The 20 plus percent increase in humidity will cause at least a 40 to 50 rpm drop for me. The first pass of the day ran a 7140 at 73.4 mph an increase in rpm but a loss in mph with about 7 gals of fuel. On average with the 14/22 non set back I averaged 7120 to 7140 and 73.5 to 74.5 about the next 10 passes on the boat. Now switching back to the 14/23 the next morning almost identical conditions but the day did promise to get hotter as it went on. Temps started out at 76 degs humidity 72% wind slight out of the northeast the first pass after riding the 6 miles to the testing area I ran 74.7 at 7060 and over the next 10 to 12 passes it averaged 7040 to 7060 and 74.7 to 75.5 mph. For all intent the 14/22 gave me 100 rpm's and a negitive 1 mph which might not be a bad trade off when it's hot and you are looking to keep your motor from getting detonation and keep those rpm's in the comfort zone. Thanks to VOODOO and TCR for the info and the use of the impeller.
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    I do agree. I have a back up 13.5/ 23 that I can red line at 7310 in colder weather. but it runs 7170 7210 in hotter weather. and if I am going to drag race in rough water I use it .... PLUS .004 stainless steel washer behind it. but in front of the thrust washer.. my rpms drop to 7120-7150 at 75-76 mph but...... that flat water queen... turns in too a a rough water monster. hell you get across the lake and YOU ARE WORN OUT from holding on.
    I can only say it is what it is.

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    Anytime Dave .

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