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    Unhappy Question on a 95 slt 750

    I'm new here and have been reading the site and got tons o useful info. Everyone seems helpful, so here is my problem. I let someone borrow my ski (I know now bad idea), it comes back with crank case seized and full of water. He says he will take care of it, but lets it sit over the winter. In July I finally get it back. I get a sbt core to put in. But when I opened the carbs to clean them there was still water inside. Will this damage the carbs? I cleaned them the best I could and all the ports are opened and rebuild kits are on the way. Is there anything else I should be concerned with? On the engine or on the ski itself? Thanks

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    fred, split the waterbox and see how it looks in there. Rust and corrosion are your enemy.
    You put an SBT core in the boat?
    Doesn't sound right, they weld or assemble just about anything they get.

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    Where is the waterbox and what does it do?

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    I think he meant Electrical box.

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    I probably didn't make myself very clear. The core I got from SBC a week ago. Tne carbs are my old ones that sat all winter full of water. Thanks , I did open the electric box found some water in there too. I'm going to try to clean it up also. I did not see any rust but should I pull everything out of the box to ake sure?

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