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    Just wanted to say thanks for the call back on Saturday. I really it's great that someone as busy as you are can take a little time out of their day to give a little guidence. We wish you were in Michigan but hey you like that hot and humid weather I can't fault you for that. Anyway just wanted to thank you for your imput it was a pleasure as always to talk to you and remember if you get up here to see your family make sure to get a hold of me and we'll get together.

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    Hey it was good talking with you too. You guys are at the top of your game up there with those 2 boats.

    I need to go see Grandma pretty soon. I will keep in touch.

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    Rich has been a big help to me over the past year! Can't tell ya how many time I've called him from the river telling him this or I neep your opinion on that etc.. Sometimes its just to rub it in that I'm on the water and you not!

    Thanks man!!!

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