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    Smile Accessories help

    Hey guys, getting a new ski in a few months (RXP) and wanted your help with a few things. What sort wetsuit do you recommend, gloves and do you think i should buy anything else which would be cool?? Cheers

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    At lot of it depends on what type of conditions you ride in.

    I ride from April-Mid/late October in Upstate NY and I've got two different thickness/length wetsuits. One shorty 3mm and one full length, fleece lined 7mm, gloves, booties, etc. Also when its super windy/choppy out I sometimes wear a pair of MX goggles, which you can snag at your local motorcycle dealer for ~$20 on up.

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    I have mostly Slippery gear.... they make gloves/suits/shoes/jackets with a lot of hot looks that just happen to match the rxt/p line....quality stuff

    I just got a pair of northface philter's(wetshoes) and they are amazing!!!

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    Cheers boys, got any mad pics of you and ur bad bois?

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