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    smashed plug gap

    2000 slh,runs but not very well,not real noisy either.but will smash the plug gap shut,i figure the needle bearing is shot,anybody ever run into this???or is it more likely the bottom rod bearing is out??not really that noisy like i would expect for a bottom bearing being bad.

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    I lost a crank main bearing on a SL650, and the debris from the bearing disintegrating would close up the gap on the plug. Put a new plug in, and within a few hours it would be shut again. Looked like the head and piston were sandblasted. Wasn't noisy at all, though.

    I lost a rod bearing on a bike the other day (father in law riding my YSR50) and the knock was pretty darned loud!

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    Doug, you're probably looking at a failed big end rod bearing. I've seen it several times. Be careful, or the motor will end up looking like OzVirage's. Even if the wrist pin bearing is the culprit, it more than likely wrecked the rod journal, so you're looking at a complete tear down anyway.

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    Main or rod bearing for sure. Wrist pin bearing failure is highly unlikely.
    Another vote for rebuilding an engine right here.

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