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    Oil breather,dipstick and intake grate mods

    I did a couple of small mods this week. First was the dipstick. After I read this post by Skip last week.
    They also let me in on the dip-stick problem. Its the reason so many are having trouble getting the levels right. Rubber nipples at the top of the dip stick actually form a seal and push the oil level down the stick tube.
    I decided to check for myself. Before the mod to the dipstick my oil level was at the blue E in the pic. Then I took a small zip tie and slid it down the dipstick tube along side of the rubber seal on the dipstick to keep it from sealing up. I pulled the dipstick out and sure enough the oil level was much higher. It was above the A, almost to the bend in the dipstick. So I took my Dremel tool with a small cutting wheel on it and cut a slot along the rubber seal part of the dipstick. With the oil level so high I just decided to change it and start over. After draining it completely and changing the filter it took 3.75 quarts to get it up to the blue E with the engine sitting level measured at the valve cover.
    The next mod was to relocate the breather filter off the oil catch can. Before I had it run around the back of the ski and then up the right side and mounted on a bracket on top of the intake manifold. But every now and then it would burp oil out all over the manifold. This time I ran it up the left side of the ski keeping the hose straight has possible to avoid any dips that would trap oil in the line,and slightly uphill so the if any oil made it way into the line it would drain back into the catch can. After drilling a 1/2 inch hole in the hull under the left side cowling and behind the gas filler hose I mounted up a new stainless steel breather filter.
    The last thing I did was spend alittle time down at the shop milling the center bar out of the intake grate. Sorry,I forgot to get a pic before I put it back in,but heres one of it installed. Didn't make a drastic difference that I could tell. Only about .1-.2 mph, but every little bit helps
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    When I check my oil and push the dipstick back in, I can almost hear a pressure sound coming from the top of the dipstick tube. I'm guessing what you found is what I'm hearing. Getting the oil level correct on this ski can be tricky. Thanks for the great tip. I'm gonna try it next week.

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    Are there any strength issues with milling out the center bar? If not I like the idea of milling it out.


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    I don't think so. The grate itself it real stout,even without the center bar

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