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    Rebulit Engine Break-in Period?

    Just rebuilt the engine in our '01 Ultra 150. Any recommendations on the break-in period?

    So far, we pre-mixed some break in fluid with the gas. Ran for 30 min at a time varying RPM's, not exceeding 5k. Plan on doing this for an entire tank...

    When can I get back on full throttle and any other precautions?

    Thanks all.

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    Their seems to be two camps on this, you have one group that says you should run atleast 2 tanks of fuel thru before you run it full throttle for any lenght in time and then you have another cap that says the rings need to be set in the first few minutes of run time and you should give it full throttle in short burst right off

    i've done it both ways and the last motor i rebuilt i did the later way and as soon as I got out of the no wake zone I hit it.. for short bursts.

    I went home and did a compression test and picked up 5 pounds of compression. I tested before and after. its been run hard from day one and still going strong.

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    10 hrs or 2 tanks of gas is the best method. Vary speed often, don't hold wide open for too awful long until the break-in period is finished.

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    So would you guys recommend short bursts of WOT or none at all?

    My shop told me no WOT until two tanks of gas...

    If I do WOT (getting the itch), how long should I have it there?


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    I wouldn't say no WOT at all, I'd say about a 10-15 sec at first, then about 20 sec, then 30 sec, but don't just go wide open and hold it there, just short runs at wide open. Ease up to the WOT point, and ease off, no burst of on then off, just be gentle.

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    I don't think my bursts were even 10 seconds long . Most of the time I might have reached 6000 rpm before I got out of it. Now still on the second tank its W.A.O. for minutes at a time.

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    When I broke mine in I took the drive it like you stole it approch. Took it easy first 10 min then ride it hard vary the rpm all the way to wot. I have 37 hrs this season since the rebuild with no problems. Changed heads at 17 hrs and the cylinders looked great.
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