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    Talking gprnomore has bought 01 gpr !!???

    hey guy ! Well ,here goes I had an 00 very early in 00, new w.05 hrs on it.well it threw a rod shall we say , and thius ski was my first yamaha , I had sea do for 10 yrs.before,and was into the addiction H.P.+watercraft= FUN Even went as far as to change careers working as a tech at our local dealer He sent me to ,MMi Orlando for factory trainning (sea doo) . The addiction grew, in 1999 I had a very quick stage 1 gsx ltd . A buddy bought a new gpr in 2000 ,its no comp. on the bottom end, but on the top side it was a touch faster , I rode it i new this ski has had serious potential , needless to say i had me one shortly and well you know what happened . I sold it in 2004 it was a stage 2 ski , Riva early kit w/singer 1 pipe, later to be a stock pipe ski, w/ fernados jet works mod Ski was fast and quick , but also seemed to be quit tempermental . It would hit 68 or 9 0n the gps i had it set up for rough water , our lake (lake Texoma) in n.Texas is 80,000 acers ,sooo to make a long story short as i can I have made a little purchase ..I pik up an 01 for change $$$$ ski is complele w/trailer an cover and...... about 20 hrs.on this ski its like new condition ,it suffers from loss of #3 oil line , I have it tore down ,and all it needs is a cylinder ,it is repairable i have a good oe piston and new rings . I feel like i am going to relaps!!!! I would like to build a rough water ski and it be reliable,fast and not tax my $$$$ ...any suggestions I might sell it ???? this ski is a virgin!! My wife is hot about this one !!!!!

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    once the snake bites and injects the venom. you cant suck it out. welcome back. tell your wife to buy a coach purse and call it even

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