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    Picking up my RXT this week

    I can wait to get this on the water. But reading across the various forums there is a number of upgrades that can be implemented, with a cost of course.

    The finger throttle will be the first one. Greenhulk seems to strongly recommend replacing the ceramic washers for the steel washers.

    Are there other DIY upgrades that are recommended not so much to increase performance and speed but to improve the short comings of the stock engine?


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    "Short coming of the stock engine"...hmm...other than the SC washers...which you will be swapping out immeadiately..right?...Uhmm....if you're not going to spend a lot of bucks and highly modify anything...maybe just a 4" intake in place of the more restictive stock one.

    Outside of the sc washers...the workings are pretty much bullet long as you keep it close to stock.

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    i would also invest in a set of ceramic bearings to bullet proof your supercharger and also 30% less friction.

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