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Thread: VTS issues

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    VTS issues

    ok took my VTS cover off. The motor and drive box are both rusted all the way. so that is gonna have to be replaced i know that much. but here is my real question, when i put a multi meter on the motor hook ups i get 12 volts only in one direction. when pushing up. i should see negative 12 volts when pushing down but i dont. i only see 2 volts. so is the solio or what ever is in that box that i hear clicking when i hit the buttons fried also?

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    Study this carefully to troubleshoot your VTS components.

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    VTS issues

    I have exactly the same issue, in studying the schematic that in in the ariticle the last guy sent (sorry didn't catch the name) It looks like the K1 or K2 switch are those exact symptoms...I also had the rusted motor too but took it apart and cleaned it up with some fine grit sandpaper wiped down the bushing with some alcohol and the motor was the problem is getting through the potting compound...anyone know how to get through this stuff>? If you can get through the potting compound you can probably fix the setup for <20 bucks...if not plan on spending 190 bucks for a New VTS module...Make sure you change the boot on the back of the VTS once you are done...those things leak and cause our problems...

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