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    New Owner with questions

    I just bought a 2000 RX. My first question is: Several people are talking about RXP's and RXT's. Whats the difference between them and since mine just says RX on it is there three different models? I don't have an owners manuel on this and the online manuals from the Sea Doo website don't seem to be working. I'd apprecate any help some one can give.

    Last question for now. Is there a club in the Fort Worth Texas or Dallas area?


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    RX is a 951cc 2-stroke.

    RXP is a 1494cc sc'd 4-stroke

    RXT is a 3-seater with the same motor as the RXP

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    Welcome Frbob.

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    Thanks for the answers and the welcome. I know it's a 951cc. So the next question I'm guessing is this a 130 hp. or were there different ratings for the 951 engine? How would I know?

    Will some of the mods that have been talked about on other threads work with this engine and pump? Can I expect it to be a plastic pump?

    This is mostly something to have fun on since at 59 I don't expect to go on the racing curcuit. But as an old hot rodder, you never leave it stock.
    Thanks again.

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