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    97 GSX won't start

    I have a 97 GSX, that I was riding with my 3 year old son, we were going about 35 -40 mph when the machine just stopped. The way that it stopped with no noise or any spuddering I thought that my little guy pulled the key out. He never did touch the key, but I pulled the key out and tried it again. This time there was no double beeps, not even a sigle beep. After a swam to shore with my machine and my son (not much fun), I check the fuses and the ground for the motor. All fluid levels are good and the battery is fully charged. Is it possible that the "DESS" post is the problem? Anyone heard of anything like this happening? Any other suggestions?

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    Did you pull on the ground? Sometimes they like to disintegrate on the inside of the caseing. Yes Dess posts go bad too, try this, push your start/stop button without the dess key on, do the gauges come up? Let me know and we can go from there......BigT

    Edit: Also are you 100% sure your battery has a full charge? Most problems stem from ppl thinking they have a fully charged battery only to find out they were wrong, myself included....BigT
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    Hey Big T, I got a 96 GSX that the gauges light up if you hit the start/stop button with out the dess/kill but the dess/kill will notpoerthe gauges. Reckon the dess post is bad?

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