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    Noobi questions...

    Part 1:
    Hello all, just bought a 94 gtx and ran around with her for a few days and ran great except at full throttle she would seem to bog down after a bit( I attribute this to a fuel del. problem) Now she wont open up and get on a plane she just bogs down when you open the throttle. Idle is good just of the start then she bogs. I checked and cleaned fuel filter (some particles -dirt in there) and will replace all of the grey fuel lines soon. Should I just replace it with the stuff from an auto parts store?

    Part 2:
    I notice the top of the piston was rusty when I removed the plugs - is this an indication of water intrusion and impending failure? Also can I just swap out the piston and rings at the end of the season just to freshen her up for next season?

    Part 3:
    Why would I want to close of the oil pump? Ive seen several posts on this and the kits associated with this modification.

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    There is a fuel filter, behind the front storage compartment. Is this the one you cleaned? Was there any water in the fuel? Did this problem start after you filled up with gas?

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    Small bits in the bottom of the filter & housing but I cleaned the filter and housing and put her back in the water. She started easier and smoother but same thing just as she was about to plane she would bog out and go back to a smooth idle. I switched to reserve and she ran just great. Is there an in tank filter I can remove or modify to work better - possibly remove in tank and add second in-line?

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    Well if it runs good on reserve and poorly on main I would say you have a blockage in the main fuel circuit. I'd pull the fuel line from the sending unit to the selector valve. and check the selector valve as well. Since you are planning on changing the fuel line anyway this will be part of the process.

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    if the fuel selector is clogged then itsounds like you need to pull the carbs off and rebuild them too.
    most likely the fuel filters in them will be clogged up also....

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