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    MFD HELP FAST Please help.

    i purchased an mfd from a guy on PWC i got it and it didnt work. i would disconnet the battery and push the mode button and boom there goes the fuse. checked all the grounds and they are good. also tryed it on my other ski would do the same thing. but my mfd i had before worked so i know its good. know i sent it back to him and he says he plugs it in and nothing. before i purchased the mfd he told me that the battery was shorted and then restored and that the mfd displayed and E (error) because the fuse in the electrical was blown. first i've never herd of the mfd showing an E. Whats your guys take on the situation???? thanks for all your help. i see where the guy is coming from thinking i sent him back a bad mfd. but im not like that. i would just like my money back because i got a bad mfd from the start and he doesnt believe me. is there anything i can do??

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    It's too late now but I will always have the seller of the MFD mark the unit and send it to me. I will then power it up and show it doesn't work WITH his markings on the unit.

    At this point if it shows the E or blows a fuse it's probably in need of a power supply/diode or whatever it's called. To sell it while not operational NEVER works unless it's priced accordingly.

    There is no winner or loser here, it just plain sucks BUT watch and see if he e-bays it again next week.

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    i was told before i purchased it that it worked great!!

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