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    blown front seal

    So i am jetting my carbs and am doing a degree key in my xlt 1200 and as i am pulling the front cover off to do the keyway i notice a fair amount of oil.. at first i thought maybe it was the inj. pump. I get the cover off and there is oil sprayed all over everything and metal shreded and rubber.. at the bottom is what looks to be the face that you would see of the crank seal. With the flywheel still installed The seal is blown out. the metal is torn in half. i checked the runout on the crank and it is .001 so i imagine that it is still within specs..anyone have any ideas on what may have caused this to blow out??? i am lost.. i figured for sure the crank was gonna be way out but its ok i think(gotta check manual) any help or exper. of this prob would be muchos appreciated.

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    You better be VERY VERY careful when putting a key in a 1200. There have been some forum members that have tried it, but had piston melt downs. The timing is pretty aggressive in the 1200s stock.

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    Hey Greg..

    I'd first suspect that you've had some backfiring problems or the ski has had a bath..

    If its not been sunk or flooded on the hose..
    i.e the hose running and the engine NOT will flood the engine pretty damn quick..

    If its been backfiring.? chipped reed valves could be the suspect..??

    Good luck with it Mate


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    Thanks for some quick responces..I changed the head and was running it on the hose and nopw that you mention it i did let it run for a little bit without the engine running.. maybe 30 second - 1 min....and with this blown would it have hurt performance??? lat time i was out was after running it on the hose and it seamed ok but i had just done a head and changed impeller..
    thanks again

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    It did backfire slightly one time while cranking but other than that it was ok....

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    Always start it then turn on the hose... i am suprised it started.... the water backfills through the exaust and fills the engine with water.... a major PITA

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    Well after looking into this alittle bc i was wondering about that lip on the seal that fits in the groove.. i need to split the crank???? or can it be installed with out splitting...... i cant beleive it ran as good as it did then after seeing what this all really does

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    My front seal blew out a few weeks ago and it was the crank. The front counterweight moved forward and took the seal out. You have to split the cases to replace the front seal and the rear seals must be replaced at the same time. There are 2 rear seals and they are different so make sure you install them correctly.

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    i sorta thought so.... oh well time to get to work on it..again....maybe ill get the crank checked out while shes apart.

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