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    hello all
    i have recently been given a 96xp that hasnt been run in a few years
    the engine is not seized and is pretty clean. i am going threw the entire thing to make sure all is good .good results until now put new battery in it and spins over without no problem without plugs in but as soon aS I PUT THE PLUGS in it hardly turns over . any sugestions?
    thanks kevin

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    Do you mean hard to turn over by hand? If so that's normal. If not you have a weak battery. Its harder because you are building compression in the motor when the spark plugs are in.

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    no not by hand. i have a brand new battery fully charged and its hard to turn over with pliugs in

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    wait is there fuel & oil going in? you could be dumping fuel and oil in and it could be pooling up causing it to get harder because of the increased pressure you are building. pull the plugs and see if there is fuel and oil in the chambers now.

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    there is no fuel or oil ! carbs are off being cleaned and oil pump is also disconnected .im trying to see if everything is working before i put fuel to it! could it be the starter dragging ?it was froze up . i cleaned it and it started to work

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    could be. how bad of shape was it?

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    the gear was rusted and so was the armichure

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    i would just replace it then. you might be drawing more amps then you should thus causing more pull on the battery then needed quickly wearing it out. that could be why its hard to turn over with the plugs in because of the compression needed to start it.

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    ok thanks for the info i will keep all interested informed


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    also side note becarefull cranking it over with no fuel and oil going in. this could cause scarring if done for long periods of time. remem we that our oil gets to the motor from the fuel.

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