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    15f how much mph will a impeller give with bolt on mods?

    i have a 2006 15f, for a while i had the rogue big air filter and the r&d rideplate sealed and i was gpsing 64.6-65.3 i just recently had the free flo exhaust done not the primary (didnt want it to loud)sounds perfect now.i can def feel a mid range differnce and out of the hole as for top speed i wouldnt say i picked up much havent gps'd yet i am wondering how much mph there is in the right impeller.i am also thinking about swapping the rogue big air filter for a smaller one riva sells,for one the bucket dont fit to well and maybe the big filter is sucking to much air what do you guys think?

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    leave the rogue filter i found it was by far the best intake(my design was based off it) and as for it sucking too much air the engine will only take in as much as it possible can based on the vacuum it creates. thats what we put these high flow intakes on to allow the engine more then adequete flow and some also improve intake tract velocity. remember the more air you get in the more fuel the the computer adds to keep a good a/f ratio and that equals more power.

    as for the impeller it could be worth 3 or it could be worth a loss. it all depends on the rpms your running ect. thats why people custom tune the pitch on there already modded impellers. but i'd say with your mods and a stock prop your probably spinning to high. so a impros 15f spec impeller would suit you well. if you have time to wait i may be selling my impros spec and has about 1/2 a tank of ride on it as of now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racingtrx450 View Post
    if you have time to wait i may be selling my impros spec and has about 1/2 a tank of ride on it as of now.
    Did you decide to sell it, or keep it. Just curious.

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