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    comp results on rebuild

    Well I just finished rebuilding the top end on a 2001 GP1200R and did a compression test on the motor (cold) and came up with about 116 on all three. Is this ok? I know the numbers should be higher on a warm motor. I did start the ski just to make sure it would fire and it started right up. I am going to stick it in the water and break it in today. I put 10 gal of gas mixed at 50:1 to run through it(still injected). Any opinions on how to go about it. Where I am at it really is a pain in the butt to have to stop somewhere and keep letting it cool down so I am not sure if there is anyway around that.

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    From my experience rebuilding 4 strokes, they usually have /decent/ compression until the engine is broken in, and the rings are mated to the cylinder. From there the compression should get better.

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    make sure you use a good compression gauge!i read 105 with a cheap gauge ,and 125 with a good snap on gauge!in this case you get what you pay for.i learned the hard way ,now i got both

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