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Thread: 07 or 08???

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    Lightbulb 07 or 08???

    Hey im in 2 minds to either get an 07 Rxp or wait for the 08 Rxp. when does the 08 come out and what do you think the differences will be?

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    i've asked the same question. im prob goin to wait till at least september so i can find out the specs on the new craft. im wanting a 08 RXP if they have more HP but if not im going to get a 07 and save a little $

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    I'm in for a 08 with more hp and if they fix the clutch problems.

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    Yer thanks what date in sept do them come out?

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    RANDABLE either get 07 now and enjoy or wait for 08 and get it the second it comes out and u will have it before summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bourkey_RxP View Post
    Yer thanks what date in sept do them come out?
    Last year the official release was mid to late September - like the 19th or 20th if I recall correctly.

    BRP holds an event for the press about a month before the official release - the print magazines need the time for production. Although the infomation is not supposed to be released until the official launch, last year there was a ton of reliable information available on the Internet a few weeks before the official launch.

    In fact, that's how I found out about this website - the other Sea-Doo website kept deleting posts that made reference to new product so I started to follow the posts on this site.

    IMO, 2007 was a huge disappointment for BRP - lots of hype but no real solutions or innovation. It will be interesting to see what 2008 brings.

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