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    need supercharger collar for pully

    anyone know where to get a collar made or buy that will fit the supercharger. when my dampener ripped off and the bearings seized took the nose with it. you knoe the little collar that the s/c pully bearings rotate on. i haven't ridden in weeks... kawi will not sell me the part nor warrenty it, and they say i have to buy a new s/c to get it. ogura, the japanese co that made the s/c for kawi will only sell them to kawi and will not even sell us parts.

    wow, kawi is getting pretty deep in me, they could have at least bought me dinner first before they screwed me!!

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    Why wont they warranty it. Seems as though this one should be covered. You didnt tell them you were using it for competion use did you?

    Something just isnt right here. If you are willing to take the trip then surly my dealer can help. Lots of creative ways to get the unit covered... If you can wait it out then mine is due for a ovwerhaul just after nationals.

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