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    Don't want to put in waveeater clips, but I know I have to...

    I've had them bought and in my garage for a while, but just don't want to go through the pain of taking off all the exhaust crap on my '98 GP 800. I know I need to do them before I regret it, so any tips? Can anyone point me to the correct gaskets that I'll need?

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    Go to riva's site and they have the gasket listed... its on the "CYLINER CRANKCASE 2" break out.... or checkout and email them... my gaskets were reusable (99 xl1200 LTD)... he will tell you if they are or not... once you get the exaust off your it should be straight forward... mine took 30 mins for all three plus the couplings...
    get r done
    good luck!

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