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    Weird Random Reving issue

    Alright '04 RXP. If I toss it around a lot it will randomly just begin to "buck" By this I mean it will essentially drop down to an idle and no matter what if I to WOT it will just to a Thump Thump Thump and the revs won't raise at all. Obviously because of this I settle the ski down in the water and a couple of seconds later go WOT and she jumps right back out of the water full power. Anyone explain what this is and why it happens?

    I remember it happening one day with low fuel, so I figured it was a fuel starvation issue, but then another day it did it with a significant amount of fuel. Is this the TOPS kicking in? Is it oil starvation?

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    Thats your TOPS system coming into play. Unfortunately its perfectly normal for the stock ECU machines.

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    Alright so is it kicking in because of just solely angle of the ski, or does it look at some other aspects?

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