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    Race to Catalina and back...

    Last Sunday I watched the Kawasaki team loading four Ultra 250's
    to do the race to Catalina and back from Long Beach. Does anybody
    know how well they did?

    By the way, besides owning an Ultra 250 and a Sea Doo RXT, we also
    own a 35 foot Nordic with twin 575SCi engines that pulled a 16 year
    old kid in mens intermediate in the Catalina Ski Race last week. Did
    3rd in class, 24th overall, about an hour and 6 minutes.

    Pesky Varmint

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    I think this is them ( has results) - they were all in the top 15, and I think they all broke an hour (round trip - very nice / their craft are outstanding - one was doing a true 70.... quite an accomplismnet for only 5 months of after market)

    3 Michael Younts 800 55:51 Pro/Am Open 1

    9 Tyler White 135 57:19 Pro/Am Open 1 ULTRA250

    12 Peter Gilliam 116 58:40 Pro/Am Open 1 ULTRA250

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    What a great event & good time. One of the better times we have ever had at an event. My son, Tyler White, was on the No. 135 boat for G-Force. His boat was bone stock except for the wedge & intake grate. We enjoyed competing with the West coast guys. Great people.


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