This is the first jet ski that I have ever owned and bought it last weekend under the impression that it ran fine. The ski starts up perfect with the first touch of the button, but it bogs down under any throttle. I took it out on the water and attempted to take off, but nothing more than enought power to idle. After toying around for a while trying to get it running correctly we took it off the water. Inside the engine compartment had about to gallons of gas/oil in it, exactly what I put in the ski to start off the day. Any ideas on were to look on getting this back into running condition. ---- Aftermarket parts --- 44mm carb, mariner ride plate, cauffmans exhaust, after market impeller. ---- one thing that i did notice is that the plug wires did not seem to attach the plug wires very well, but as i said the unit started fine and the plugs appear to be new or in good shape. ------any suggestions/ideas would be grateful