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    Polaris SL650 Oil Type! Help!

    I'm so new to this...what kind of oil do I need for a Polaris SL650 and can I just get it at Walmart or a gas station? Also, do I just fill the oil to the top of the tank or what? There is no dip stick or anything so I am clueless. Will usually just a quart work or do I need more like a pint? It hasn't been run in a year so I'm just trying to be safe rather than sorry. Thanks!

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    Any good two stroke oil. And fill er up.

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    If it were mine, I'd look for a two stroke TCW rated oil and it needs to be designed for an injection system if you leave the oil injection system in place.
    If you get the pre-mix oil instead of injection oil you MAY plug the oil injection system and/or have a poor blend of fuel/oil mixture.

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