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    Newbie Question

    Hi all. I am new to this board and I am just about to purchase my first Jet Ski. I'm tired of renting them when I want to play and I've been bitten by the bug.

    I have been looking at a few and can't seem to make up my mind. It is important that whatever I get I need to be able to tow a slalom ski or wake board. Also, I like going fast. I am considering buying 2 and the ones I have looked at are the Ultra 250x and the second one would be the STX 12f.

    What kind of feedback can you give me on these? Would the power of the 250 make a difference when pulling a skier? Is there a another PWC I should look at that would fit my needs? Would I be getting in over my head with the 250?

    I have a small lake near my house and I have a house at Dale Hallow lake in TN so I will rarely be in rough water.

    I would appreciate any help or insight you can give me.


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    I'd say the 250 should pull a skier fine, the 12f throws a little too much spray in the skiers/tubers face, at least I think so because we just sold one and I never liked to get pulled behind it. Also it lacks a little in the speed department, 53 GPS was all we ever got out of ours. As far as getting in over your head, as far as speed is concerned, there is no ceiling, at least for me!

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    I appreciate the feedback. I decided to go with the STX 12f and the Ultra LX. Should make for a good combo for our needs. I am picking them up later today. The deciding factor for me was the gas consumption of the 250.

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    Nice score Rumrunner! Hook us up with some pictures of your new rides when you get them.

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    Good choice! At least you think like me anyway....LOL! I have a Ultra Lx for cruising with my son two up. and a smaller 02 Polaris Virage to goof around with and let my dausghter ride when we go out together. I've got 31+ hours on the Ultra LX and it hasn't missed a beat. We push 400+ lbs of passengers on it with a full tank of fuel and we go play "submarine"....WOT cranking turns, a total hoot! You know when you are pushing the limit when the motor instantly flat dies in the middle of a turn/spin becasue the rollover sensor kills the engine before it "thinks" you are going to flip. We never have had it upside yet. Just wish the front cover/hood sealed better as the front storage tray always fills up with water.

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    The pair seem to be working out very well. Both of them are a blast and they both offer different strengths and weaknesses. I was actually pulling my brother in law slalom skiing and the Ultra did a much better job tha I expected it to do. That won't happen much since the family has a ski boat but it's nice to have the option. So far I couldn't be happier with the decision.

    It does suck that the front storage tray gets water in it. I almost trashed my wifes phone. The main storage area stays completely dry though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilgewiper View Post
    ... Just wish the front cover/hood sealed better as the front storage tray always fills up with water.
    I always seal in bags or boxes anything I store in the tray so I dont worry. One thing to consider tho is replacing the thin rubber gasket on the underside of the tray with thicker rubber material as used for weather stripping doors and trunks of cars. They make all kinds of widths and thicknesses with adhesive backing that should improve the seal. I spose you could even try a homemade gasket around the upper lip of the tray. Might be worth experimenting.

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    if you like using a ski to tube and what not you might look into for your next ski.. like the Seadoo wake i dont no if its any good or not but it has the wakboard race, the handle that comes up so the second person riding can sit backwards and face the person skiing or tubing and have handles to hold onto.. and hooks everything.... good luck and i hope everything works.. if you gonna tube i wouldnt suggest buying any aftermarket parts for your boat which i dont think you were planning on doing so

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    waterproof storage bags

    check out this site these bags are awesome when i got my 1st one i filled it with toilet paper and tossed it in the washer just to see how good it really was well after the 3rd wash cycle i gave up trying to get the contents of the bag wet !!! works like a charm all the time. all different sizes too.

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