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Thread: 780 idle

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    780 idle

    After looking in the tips section on carbs, I have a question about idleing. Since i have owned my 780, i have always had to butterfly the throttle when idleing around. It wont idle on its own for more than a couple of seconds before the RPM's drop to low and it dies. is this just a matter of turning up the idle screw? If so, does someone have a good picture of their carbs in the ski and where this screw is located? Thanks guys, its crunch time! Getting ready to go next week on a 10 day trip to the lake in PA/NY! Cannot wait and trying to tie up loose ends on a couple of little things.


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    Idle speed screw is located at MAG end carb where throttle cable hooks up. Has a dowel pin going thru it. Turn in for higher idle.

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