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    1992 SL650 Triple running on two cyclinders

    I tried to get the front cyclinder to fire. Wet and cold. Other two work fine. I think it is a twisted crank. I have fuel and spark. I have a 1994 Sl750 too that I think the crank is twisted. I have a bunch of junk and it is going to be listed on Ebay soon unless someone can convince me to save them. I'm going crazy. Does anyone have an idea of the money I could make if I parted both out on Ebay?

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    If I were you I would atleast try to confirn what the problem is before I parted them out.

    Have you done a compression check?

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    The 1992. No compression test however I did place figure over cyclinder and had the same pressure as the other ones. The 1994 yes I did a compression test and all three were #130. I think both machines had water in the cyclinders and were repeatedly tried to be started. Kids.

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    Get the MID cylinder piston at true TDC. Then take a measurement down to the piston of the other 2. They should measure exactly the same. Any more than 1mm or so, and I'd think the crank is out.

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    Yes, I did it on my 1994 and I will have to do it on the 1992. Thanks for reminding me about that test. My 1994 seemed to be very close to being out of range and was going to pull motor to have checked with a dial wheel thing.

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