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    too the guru's : prop ?

    i have an 07 rxt bone stock w/metal washer's...? is- is there a prop i can bolt on to gain a couple of mph on top-end without killing the low end?? i would like more speed than out of hole performance.. also i have read that an air intake kit will give better low end as well as more top end.. is this true and if so which brand?? thanks

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    custom rear air intake or custom 4" front intake since riva doesnt make the rear intake for the RXT i dont think..

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    Yes, the Solas 14/19R would be perfect. With the stock air intake you may have to depitch the trailing edge slightly

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    Custom 4 inch and an RXP prop. Doesn't get any cheaper than that. All that can be done for about $150. $75 for prop, $50 for hose, $25 in other parts.

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