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    SC Upgrade Question

    I guess burying this question in the FAQ thread explaining the supercharger ceramic washer problem and solution was not a good idea. I'll give it a try here as a new thread. Thanks in advance for the wisdom of your experienced advice.

    I have a 2005 GTX SC and until joining this site a couple of days ago, I was unaware of the "ceramic washer problem" in the supercharger. My GTX SC has ~120 hours on it. Fortunately, I have not experienced any signs of washer/supercharger failure. Is it OK to replace just the washers and bearings, or, should I pony up for the complete '06 supercharger rebuild kit?

    The skis are in the shop now as a friend rode my '96 GTX while I had the hose clamp on for towing. We were towing it behind the houseboat and he decided (unbeknownst to me) to hop on and head for the marina pump out station to assess the docking situation. He didn't get too far

    While I have both skis in the shop and am looking at lots of $$$ for engine repairs on the '96, I might as well have the '05 supercharger updated.

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    I'd just get the bearings and washers........Oh, wait, that IS what I did.

    By the way, you'll want to get new spring washers(5) and needle bearing at this point too. I can't be too sure if the rest of the components will be within spec at those hours though.

    oh, you're going to have the dealer do it?....they may not do just bearings, they may insist on the complete "upgrade".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanCucf View Post
    oh, you're going to have the dealer do it?....they may not do just bearings, they may insist on the complete "upgrade".
    Fortunately, the guys with whom I deal for all my maintenance/repair needs are *not* the local Sea-Doo dealership. These guys are all Sea-Doo certifed, but, they left the local SD dealer because of differences of opinion over business practices. The SD dealer was not exactly customer friendly. The guys I deal with are enthusiasts and know their stuff when it comes to ATVs, watercraft, etc.

    Since I am putting all their kids through college with my repair bills and performance add-ons, they are very accommodating to my requests

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