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Thread: Simpsons Movie

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    Simpsons Movie

    Anyone else going at Midnight tonight? I am going to fandango some tix here in a few minutes. I've been waiting years for this. Unfortunatly I think that the movie marks the end of the series

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    i doubt they will get rid of simpsons....unless the guy is tired of doing it.

    i will probly see it at the beach this weekend.

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    show ain't going no where, in a interview I read this week matt acknowledged that he basically was "lazy" about the movie. He said of the past 18 years, 15 of it was talk and the last 3 he actually put forth an effort to make it happen....

    All I know is, SPIDER PIG RULES!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post

    All I know is, SPIDER PIG RULES!
    I can't get that feaken song out of my head.

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    I thought the pig was Harry Plopper LOL!

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