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    Faster with 2 persons??? WTF???

    My XLT 1200 '01 is a tiny faster in top speed with 2 persons on it, than with me alone. How is this possible??

    My best guess is, with one person, the front of the hull isn't coming off the water as it should, and with 2 persons, more wheight on the back of the ski, the front of the hull should be rising more. Is this correct?

    I'm from Europe, i know you guys have some really nice ride plates that improve top speed (jim's plate), but here, i don't have access to them...

    I will buy an out of the box R&D one, what changes should i apply to it to get that big hull off the water? Please if you could demonstrate with pics, it would be great! (newbie here )

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    It's exactly what you think. Having someone on the very, very back of the ski raises the hull up.

    Also taking 5lbs off the nose is like taking 20lbs off the tail.

    I think Jim or Carl can sell you the plate, mod it, and ship it to you. Both are good guys.

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    Yes,your weight, as you guess, is your answer that runs in conflict with the set up your running... look for a good posts started by water woody and bigraider on how weight is affecting a ski's speed..

    run a search on plates and their modifications, you will see in pictures posted , the basic mods the guy are doing... contact Carl at Island, he has BUILT some fast sofa's!!
    proper shimming on your ski will be even more important as it is longer and heavy'er than the other ski's...

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    my wifes ski is the same faster with 2 up.... contact Jims1300 he has a list of goodies to make the xlt really go.........

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    It's funny you bring this up.
    While testing my ski, with jims1300 plate, I was .5 mph faster and had much less hull in the water than a freind of mine. I weigh 205 and he weights 150. I think much of the speed is about weight and balance.
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    Nice pics Kirk, I concur with your results on my GP.

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    The placement of the weight is more important to performance than the actual total weight.


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