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    FINALLY a forum witch looks like it could help, i have an slth 700 and a year ago I had a full engine rebuild after a bearing disintegrated and made its way in to the cylinder wich ceased the piston but any way after the rebuild i was told that the carbs will need tuning. so i had a look and could not find a high end adjusting screw and thatís as far as I got really! i have taken it out as it is but its awful it seems to be running too rich bottom end and too lean at top end PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me



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    WELCOME to the boards Will.
    A couple of questions real quick.
    You location and elevation.
    Have you cleaned the carbs and their internal filter?
    Are your fuel lines new as of late?
    Have you checked your piston wash to see if you need to adjust the high speed settings?

    You don't have high speed screws, it's changed by replacing jets so the question is do you really need to change them?
    Usually solving a restriction issue or cleaning will bring you back to where you need to be.

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    As ph2o suggests,make the fuel system good first. You said you haven't taken it out yet.Does that mean you haven't put the PWC in the water? If so,running on trailer will be different,than in water,under a load.

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