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    Kanaflex intake problem

    Has anyone had a problem with their 4inch kanaflex vibrating/shaking heavily when on the gas. The rattling is great enough to feel it while setting on the seat.....checked to make sure it is not sitting on the driveshaft....any other ideas?

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    Could it be possible that you intake is too restrictive? That might be why your getting the flutter and vibration.

    Your sure it's not hitting the drive shaft?

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    actually zip tied the hose up for about 2 inches of clearance over the driveshaft just to be sure....still did it.......i took the filter off....that didnt help either....strange...

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    I know it's gotta be tight fit when you slide that 4 inch towards the front of the ski. It is pretty snug isn't it?

    If the pipe had some slack somewhere it may shake?

    Do you have it routed towards the front next to the gas tank?

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    yes its routed up from ....pretty tight fit besides the section that makes the corner to go forward....thats where it shakes really bad.

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    pm Danny I think he's got a kanaflex 4 inch too. Maybe he can help. Sorry, I haven't heard of it being a problem for anybody else. WEIRD...

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    How does a hose vibrate? Maybe your engine is vibrating causing the hose to vibrate. Do you have something stuck in your pump by any chance? A broken motor mount perhaps?

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    i know i have mine running off the sc and under the ic piping and the slack is pulled all the way forward and when i rev it on the hose it vibrates a little by the bend at the sc but i think thats normal considering the velocity of the air inside the hose at the sc

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    The hose vibrating is normal. Depending on what sc wheel you have, the Riva stage 3 will vibrate like crazy. Stock or vortech, not so much. Rotax high boost, in between. The stage 3 blow-off valve helps cut it down but doesnt eliminate it completely. But no worries, that hose is tough and will take it.

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    Having the hose vibrate is perfectly normal. You will notice that it vibrates more when you let off the throttle.

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